Ripley's Believe It or Not! #s4(1/3/2005)

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< TASK 1 > Read the articles (1) to (3). And figure out which article they come from. Answer A, B, or C.

(1) The Pierce Family of Salt Lake City, Utah, has answered more than 25,000 misdialed phone calls during the past 14 years. They enjoy chatting with each caller and keep a log of each call!

(2) When sunlight reflects off the steel exterior of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Calif., not only are motorists blinded, but nearby buildings are warmed up by as much as 15 degrees!

(3) "Beer and Rock Chaser" The Life-Saving Beer spill! 10,000 bottles of beer fell off a truck onto a Colorado highway, closing it to traffic just before a massive rock slide covered the road!

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